We worked, studied, played for a whole month, making Hexia take a shape more and more conforming to the idea we had in mind.
From a simple hex that we made appear in a huge blue plane, we were able to get a map with random events and building possibilities. From the images you will surely notice that the texts are not in English but in Italian, our language; the game is however designed to have more languages (in the first versions: Italian and English).

Currently the project is at version, we are very close to a first prototype that we will be very keen to let the community of players try out. We will continue to work in this direction, aware that the “journey” will be long and difficult (we are a small studio, we cannot afford to spend too much) but what we will get will be something that will satisfy us and will have formed us a lot. Stay tuned, we will inform you when the first prototype will be released and where it can be found.