The latest public update of Hexia is related to the prototype and dated November 24th (here you can find the Devlog). In almost a month, what has changed? What will you find in the Early Access version?

We have revised many points of our code on Unreal Engine 4, definitively leaving the state of a simple prototype. We tried to standardize the UI, making it cleaner and easier to see. We have added a diary system, kingdom upgrades, new music tracks tailored for us, added challenges, fixed some events, updated the save system…and many other little things that would be too long to write now.

All of this was uploaded to Steam today, as the official build for the December 21st early access release. We are proud and happy with what we have done, this is our first game and, thanks to Demios, it will finally see the light in a store like Steam. We will not leave, IndieDB or Game Jolt but the step forward, this new beginning is fundamental for us.

Thank you all! See you on December 21st.