Who would have thought that our small team of two could manage to release a game on Steam. It all started for fun, just to train with Unreal Engine 4 and spend a few nights planning a strategy game that could have fun playing it.
After we released the prototype version of Hexia, we received several tips for putting the game on Steam.
So it was that, thanks to Demios, Black Mastiff Studio managed to publish its first game for PC and make it visible on Steam. Whatever the outcome, we will continue as in those days: we will program a game to have fun and to entertain and relax those who use it.

And now? What is your Roadmap?
One thing is certain: we are not making this game as a hobby.
We feel lucky to be able to do it as a job, thanks to Demios, thus allowing us to focus all our energies on Hexia. We know very well that the things to implement, modify and correct will certainly be many but we will continue to work to create something solid and fun.
We hope to be able to create a good community, to confront and play together.
Currently we will focus a lot on the whole management aspect of the game, without neglecting the events that still remain the cornerstone of Hexia.

Thanks to your feedback we will be able to understand if the direction we will go will be good or not.