Here we go, our first Hexia update is live.
We will continue to update Hexia every week, in order to advance with the implementation of the planned features.

Patch Notes:

  • Fix labels stating “minutes” instead of “days”
  • When the Kingdom Upgrades screen is open, scrolling the window no longer interferes with Map Zoom
  • Added a Game Over prototype screen
  • If the population reaches 0, it will be Game Over
  • Every day that the player is in negative of Hexin he will lose 10 of population
  • Created a core system that randomly alternates music during a game

That’s all for now, we take the opportunity to thank all those who are trying Hexia and giving us their opinions: thank you very much for believing in our work!
For everyone else who is still undecided, we will work hard to create something you can enjoy, we promise.