Hexia version 0.0.2

Here we go, our first Hexia update is live.
We will continue to update Hexia every week, in order to advance with the implementation of the planned features.

Patch Notes:

  • Fix labels stating “minutes” instead of “days”
  • When the Kingdom Upgrades screen is open, scrolling the window no longer interferes with Map Zoom
  • Added a Game Over prototype screen
  • If the population reaches 0, it will be Game Over
  • Every day that the player is in negative of Hexin he will lose 10 of population
  • Created a core system that randomly alternates music during a game

That’s all for now, we take the opportunity to thank all those who are trying Hexia and giving us their opinions: thank you very much for believing in our work!
For everyone else who is still undecided, we will work hard to create something you can enjoy, we promise.

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