The first Hexia update of the year.
Here we are with the Alpha Version 0.0.3, in this update we have focused on some aspects of UI and management. Below is the list of changes:

  • Fixed bug that opens VR application on Hexia startup
  • The notification list is now displayed from newest to oldest
  • By clicking on “Tile Upgrade” the camera will focus on the currently selected Tile
  • Added the “Kingdom Management” screen that can be viewed from the new button in the top bar. The window is still in the prototype phase.
  • Now the game starts with 15 Population and no longer 10
  • UI: Minor tweaks and improvements
  • The “Kingdom Management” window can be moved

Remember that for any feedback you can find us on Discord, a very useful social channel for us. You can also use the Steam community or our social networks.