Finally after 1 month here we are with a new update for Hexia. As we said in previous news, this update is focused entirely on events and their core system.

Patch Notes

  • Hexia EventSystem completely updated and adapted to the new implemented logics
  • Each phase of the campaign now displays a window that will explain the plot (content being written)
  • Added event tiers, they will now be more balanced based on the size of your kingdom
  • Each choice will now apply a certain action with a scale effect; you will lose or gain currencies based on how far your kingdom is advanced, to further balance the game
  • The logic of the notifications has been resumed: now optimized and restricted exclusively to events, to show in an immediate and clean way what has been lost and/or gained. Later they will also be extended to the rest of the aspects of the game
  • Number of events doubled: now there is a lot more variety, a lot more choices connected to each other
  • Game speed will no longer be reset after each event, but the one previously set will be maintained
  • Faster game speed has been slightly increased
  • An issue affecting challenges has been fixed, causing a small slowdown each time they were spawned
  • All events reviewed with recalculation of all related effects
  • Minor fixes to Hexia core, increasing game stability when you have a lot of tiles

We are very proud of the work done, there are still a lot of things to do but Hexia is becoming what we had in mind 5 months ago.

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