Version 0.4.0 is up, we officially close the Alpha and start the Beta, ready to improve further for the final release.

After the last update dedicated to Events, here we are with a new version that updates the Challenges, adds (finally) new options and fixes various things.

Patch Notes

  • Challenges now also have a scale effect; this will further balance the game especially in the more advanced stages
  • All old Challenges updated with new logic and new values
  • Added 11 new Challenges: you will now find a total of 21 Challenges optimized for the new gameplay we have created in the latest updates
  • The options window now has many more settings available: Vertical Sync, Anti-Aliasing, Post-Processing and Shadows
  • Options saving logic has been totally revised, and now settings are applied instantly
  • Improved game stability when the game reaches high numbers of tiles and upgrades
  • Fix: On the start screen, when starting a new game, it’s no longer possible to click on the buttons in the background
  • DEMO: We have decided to improve the game experience in our Demo, increasing the total tiles from 30 to 40.

This new version of Hexia is a very important step forward for us, initially the tiles, the campaign, then the events and now the challenges: the most important basic functionalities are now taking their “final” form, allowing us to focus on aspects of the game – secondary and not – that will further increase the experience we want to offer, without breaking what we have wanted to create so far.

We always thank all of you for giving us the strength to continue our little dream that is becoming more and more what we want. Thank you!