As previously anticipated Hexia is updating to version 0.9.0, finally!
This is the first step on the road to the release of 1.0.0, a version that will close the early access cycle and make Hexia the full game we have worked so hard on.

For all those who have already purchased Hexia, we hope they enjoy the update and can properly immerse them in the world we have built.
We would like to remind you that you can join our Discord server to give us your feedback and report anything that you think would be helpful, it would be a huge help to us.

Patch notes

  • Unreal Engine updated to version 5.1
  • The graphic assets of the project have been completely updated and optimized
  • The system that manages the camera and its movements has been totally revised and expanded
  • We have begun to implement logic to manage gamepad use; currently you still need mouse and keyboard but with the next update we expect to enable 100% use
  • The save system has been totally changed. Old saves will no longer be handled
  • The audio section has been updated
  • All the gameplay has been changed: we have revised all the logic so as to make Hexia more fulfilling and give it a new lifeblood
  • Implemented the turn-based system that replaces the previous real-time system; now the game will allow a certain number of actions to be taken per turn, it is up to the player to decide what is best to do
  • The notification system has been improved and made more functional than before. Confirmation will now be required on some actions and situations that are occurring on the game map will be notified
  • The map is no longer structured with hexagonal tiles: we switched to square tiles in favor of the graphical upgrade and new game mechanics (no, Hexia is not a name derived from the hexagonal shape of the map)
  • Tiles now have a status of stability or instability. Depending on what happens the tile can stay or fall into the clouds
  • Each tile can apply a random positive or negative effect that will affect the construction done on it
  • Tiles can be renamed as desired; initially a random name is generated by the system
  • Each tile has its own infobox that provides details in a more visible and precise manner than previous contextual tooltips
  • Resources have been added to the existing Hexin and Favor: Wood, Stone, Food and Workers
  • Added Commercial Routes that take advantage of new resources
  • Trade routes can be created by individual resource-generating facilities to hubs that handle the exchange of value
  • With this new logic, the player will be able to decide what to invest to generate Hexin, Favor or Challenge Points (you will know how to spend them with version 1.0.0)
  • Previous “Tile upgrades” have been updated and revised in the new building system; structures are now more obvious and go with the new trade route system
  • Eight unique structures with strategic effects related to new gameplay logic were introduced
  • Each structure can be placed in any building tile, taking advantage of (or being affected by) the latter
  • Facilities that generate resources or apply effects must be activated through the use of workers
  • Facilities that use workers can be deactivated to retrieve those workers and use them on other structures
  • Some constructions apply effects on the tiles in which they are built
  • Buildings can be removed at the cost of AP
  • Exactly as with the tiles, structures will also have their own contextual infobox in which all due information can be consulted
  • Added Bonus / Malus system that can last for the whole game or only for a certain number of turns
  • The official story, divided into chapters, has finally been implemented
  • Each chapter of the story can be read again with the “Story Log” feature
  • Events have been adjusted to the new gameplay
  • Each event will generate a bonus or malus depending on the choice made
  • Events may be ignored, causing a malus. You will have to choose, during the game, whether this malus is better than receiving a potentially greater one
  • The missions of each chapter have been totally revised and optimized, with a much more detailed UI
  • Added three new languages: Spanish, French and German. We are aware that the localization is still not 100% perfect, we are finishing the final checking and adjustment phase