Here we are with a new version of Hexia in which we have focused on some strategic and optimization aspects.

Patch notes

  • Added the ability to view the resources available for each tile on the map
  • Added the ability to view non-operational buildings on the map
  • Added the ability to view on the map which building has an active trade route
  • Now when a tile’s resources are depleted, building on it is automatically disabled
  • If a trade route was active on a building, once inoperative the trade route is also interrupted
  • Workers can now be matched to buildings only if the tile still has enough resources
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t remove the instability indicator on a tile once the temple on it was successfully activated
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases did not make the construction of a structure not complete correctly, even though it had reached the correct turns
  • Added more info for tile effects and more
  • Initial implementation of the Achievements system (will be completed by version 1.0.0)
  • Minor fixes and further optimization for Steam Deck