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Demios is the company behind the Black Mastiff Studio brand. Born from the dream of a single person, Demios has evolved and developed thanks to the support of a partner and the collaboration of many professionals. Demios mainly deals with the B2B side of the market, the IT sector and the logistic and structural consideration.
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Black Mastiff Studio participates in GDC 2023!
Black Mastiff Studio flies all the way to America to participate in GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2023! This huge event will be held March 20-24 in San Francisco, California. For more information on the exact location of the expo, we refer you directly to their organization’s website page. We will be there, in collaboration with...
Black Mastiff Studio: we’re ready, let’s get going!
After careful and thorough planning, the Black Mastiff Studio website is fully operational, and it’s getting down to business by officially opening its doors to the public! The news we have in store for you is considerable, but to at least get an idea of what the future holds, here is a list of what...
Hexia v0.5.5
Summer holidays are now over and we are back to work on Hexia! We close the month of August with a small update that mainly concerns the Engine. Patch Notes Project updated to Unreal Engine 4.27 Minor changes to the UI Minor updates to the game core With September we will be back with new...
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