Who we are

Our story

Demios is the company behind the Black Mastiff Studio brand. Born from the dream of a single person, Demios has evolved and developed thanks to the support of a partner and the collaboration of many professionals.

Demios mainly deals with the B2B side of the market, the IT sector and the logistic and structural consideration.

Black Mastiff Studio was created with the intention of focusing on the gaming market, especially focusing on a B2C approach, in order to create direct contact between developers and users. Black Mastiff Studio aims to bring Italian originality and creativity to the world and within the international gaming market. Passion is the founding concept that underlies every decision, and what leads our titles to involve and excite the player.

The team consists of:

Davide “Daevis” Marcucci

Web and Software Developer with 12 years of experience in the IT field.

Giacomo “Margiak” Marcucci

Writer and screenwriter, with a published book winner of the Golden Dickens Books.

Aurelio Lombardi

Entrepreneur and salesman with more than 25 years of experience in the sector.

Valentina “Vastel” Stella

Vertical web marketing consultant in web design and illustration.

“The mastiff embodies gifts of elegance, power, dignity and courage. Calm and loyal, devoted to the owner, he is an excellent guardian. Docility is one of its best characteristics, but the power it contains makes it necessary to have a good education, and it is very important to let him have as many experiences as possible to facilitate the training path given the considerable size, based on mutual respect rather than dominance. His need for space is outweighed by his need to watch over the family.”


The above is a description of the Mastiff, in which we find ourselves very much from many points of view. From that takes the name of our little team, composed mainly by two people, two brothers, two nerds, two stubborn ones who intend to create something that can remain over time and leave a positive mark.

“We don’t know where we will end up.
We don’t know if Black Mastiff Studio will become something bigger.
We don’t know how many projects we will carry out and how many will fail.
But we know this is our world, and we will fight to the end to move forward, proud of who we have been,
who we are and who we will be.”

Davide & Giacomo Marcucci

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