Thanks to your feedback on Discord and Reddit we are further improving and fixing Hexia. Here we are with a new version!

Patch notes

  • [Bug fix] – The Escape key brings up the pause menu, but doesn’t close it again
  • [Bug fix] – Destroying buildings and rebuilding them does not correctly count the number that is displayed in the name, causing confusion especially in trade routes
  • [Bug fix] – When loading a game, the tile is not automatically selected
  • [Bug fix] – Trade route on collapsed building show on in map and doesn’t show on the ‘manage trade routes’ UI
  • [Bug fix] – After a tile collapses, the worker isn’t available to be assigned to a new building, even though their cottage now shows them as being ‘free’
  • The tutorials have been fixed: now the images are displayed correctly and a bug that affected the input system has been fixed
  • Further improvements for the Steam Deck
  • The instability of a tile is now also visible graphically in the map
  • There is more life in the map: now you will see the workers doing their job, or waiting near their house
  • Changes to the event system, still not impactful but which allow us to work on a series of changes that will be implemented by the next patches
  • [New Feature] – Kingdom information is now available from the appropriate action. The information displayed will be expanded with each update