It’s been 2 years and 6 months, that’s how long Hexia has been in development. Maybe even a little longer if we count the initial drafts as well. It has been an incredible period in which so much has changed. We have faced difficulties and obstacles, just as we have been privileged to experience moments full of pride and satisfaction, as this one is.
All these experiences have matured us as professionals, and allowed us to make our team what it is now. The video game market and world is no longer just a distant dream for us now, we are in it, and we will continue to navigate this vast ocean of opportunity, doing everything we can to make our experiences worthwhile, and turn them into quality products.
The sun has risen for the new version of Hexia: a beginning and a conclusion intersected in a single thread, full of meaning.

Always forward like this, toward new horizons!

Patch Notes
Hexia v1.0.0
  • Resource pool in tiles has been significantly increased
  • Buildings no longer only cost Hexin but also have a cost in resources
  • All buildings have been changed
  • The story is now complete and fully available
  • Resource values at game start have changed
  • The AP indicator now has textual wording for easier reading
  • Removed the limit on turn progress. Now you can move forward freely
  • The transition between the game and a new story chapter is now no longer direct but has a fade effect
  • A new game mode is unlocked upon completing the story
  • Added tooltips that more easily indicate the information of the main actions
  • Added the first 15 achievements
  • Unlocked the “Challenges” feature
  • Fixed all events and their respective bonuses/malus that are applied based on the choices made
  • Fixed some problems related to the use of the gamepad. The use of mouse and keyboard is still recommended
  • Fixed tile information issues
  • Changed the save system
  • Fixed several bugs to make the game more stable