Black Mastiff Studio will participate in the upcoming IndieDevDay 2023, to be held this September 8, 9 and 10 in Barcelona. These three days promise to be exciting and full of promise, a true showcase of indie game talent and innovation. We will be there, with lots of ideas and the introduction of a new project on the way. We prepared in advance and are still working diligently to shape our next direction to bring you all quality products and titles.

This event will also prove to be an excellent opportunity for us to come into direct contact with the video game world, giving concrete faces to the very environment that surrounds us every day. In this way we could deepen our knowledge and make new connections, both with colleagues in the industry and with new potential customers or curious people.

We are just a few days away from the start of the event, the flight is ready and all of us on the team are pumped up and ready to give it our all! If you will also be attending the event come visit us at our booth to chat.

For more updates stay tuned to our socials, where we will be reporting on the latest developments and highlights of this exciting celebration of indie video game talent at IndieDevDay 2023 in Barcelona.