Finally, we were able to take our first small step: Hexia officially has a Steam page.

After, Game Jolt and IndieDB we decided to continue developing Hexia no longer as a prototype but as a game in true Alpha phase. We had fun developing, writing events and thinking about new features, Hexia was taking a more and more defined shape and it seemed “limited” to us being locked in a prototype.
Thanks to Demios, a company of which Daevis is a part, we have planned a possible release on Steam: therefore the idea of early access is born.
We want to continue developing what we like best, as we have been doing for some time now, this will also allow us to see the reaction of a very large market and learn to manage aspects that we have never seen before.

Learning while having fun, this is life for us. Unfortunately, 2020 was a year to forget in various respects, but we would like to remind ourselves of this small starting point which is still worth a lot for us.
We thank everyone, absolutely everyone, those who have supported us and are continuing to support us: thank you and stay tuned because the Black Mastiff will continue their adventure.

If you are interested and want to follow the evolutions of Hexia, don’t forget to put the game in your Wishlist!