Here is the news!
We are working hard to improve and expand the events in the game.
Many things will be changed: such as the statistics associated with each choice; events will also be significantly increased in number. But the most important thing we’re working on will be the tier system.
Depending on the progress in the game, only certain events may appear, this will allow you to avoid destructive events that kill the game in the first few minutes, and it will also allow to make them more significant towards the final parts.

Here’s how the tiers will be divided:

  • Initial tier
    This tier starts from the very first moments of the game and contains mostly positive events, which help propel the Kingdom forward.
  • Low tier
    This tier is shown in the first minutes of the game, it contains events with initial levels of challenge, but mostly they are still positive situations, or in any case negative with low impact.
  • Medium tier
    In this tier the events begin to get serious, and the positive situations are as many and significant as the negative ones.
  • High tier
    Events in this tier have a high impact, they can make you a lot of money as well as lose as much.
  • Final tier
    This tier is activated only in the final parts of the game, and contains truly important events, which can be catastrophic or miraculous, or maybe both.