We are back from GDC in San Francisco and would like to report that Hexia will undergo a change in its final release date. The reasons are very simple: at GDC we interacted with important contacts, who evaluated the new version and provided us with a lot of useful information to take Hexia to the heights of quality it really deserves to reach.

In any case, an updated version of Hexia will be released on the 31st: 0.9.0 to be precise, which will begin to show what will then be further strengthened and improved.

This will also be useful for us to receive valuable feedback and to be able to better prepare for the release with more languages, more details and higher quality.

Our Studio is evolving and these are crucial steps to allow the game to show its full potential, which would otherwise be wasted in a too hasty release.

See you on March 31 with the last update of this early access, before the actual debut of the title.