Here we are with the first in a series of updates to improve Hexia, mainly following the feedback that has come to us in recent days. The changes have been shared on our Discord server, so if you want to actively participate in the upcoming updates join us as well.

Patch notes

  • Added “Night Mode”
  • The rotation of the view is now based on the pivot of the selected tile
  • Zooming is faster
  • Improved gamepad usage. During the next updates we will focus on this part, so that Hexia will be fully playable on Steam Deck
  • You can no longer deselect a tile, so you will no longer have problems with the expansion action or sudden loss of selection as before
  • Implementation of the tutorials system; it will be expanded with as much information as possible with each future update
  • Removed the “Depth of Field” effect and mitigated the blurring effect
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow modals to close properly if the ESC key was used, rendering the entire game interface unusable